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In this section you can download some of the most remarkable documents that Javi López has worked on in his term: European Parliament reports, papers or articles in which he has participated as a politician.


Report on combating inequality as a lever for growth and the creation of jobs

Increasing inequalities are one of the main causes of the challenges that are shaking Europe today, such as populism, xenophobia and extremism, among others. This idea is developed by the European Parliament report on Combating the inequality as a lever for growth and the creation of jobs of which Javi López was the rapporteur.

According to the report, inequality not only erodes social confidence and public support for institutions, it also frustrates innovation and ends up undermining the economy itself. Therefore, the report proposes a battery of policies in regards to the labour market, the improvement of the Welfare State or the promotion of gender equality to stop the increase of inequalities.

Download the inequalities report


Report on the EU Political Relations with Latin America

The new international scenario demands the relaunch of international alliances and opens an opportunity to strengthening relations between Europe and Latin America; This is reflected in the European Parliament report on “The Political Relations EU – Latin America” ​​of which Javi López was the rapporteur.

The relations between both regions must promote the protection of multilateralism and a conception of international relations guided by norms, dialogue and cooperation. In this regard, the report proposes strengthening relations between the EU and Latin America to defend inclusive growth, combat climate change or promote gender equality.

Download the Latin America report

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