Javi López at ‘Huffington Post’ interview: “I won’t vote Juncker”

“I will not vote Juncker, commitments with citizens are non-negotiable”

STRASBOURG (SPECIAL ENVOY) .- Javier Lopez was born in Madrid, he is 28 and lives in an apartment. Believe it or not, is the description of an MEP, the youngest of the 54 who were chosen in Spain and the only one elPartit Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) in the European Parliament. His entry into politics is the due, in part, to the “Iraq War, the Prestige and the educational laws of the second term of José María Aznar, who helped politicize a generation,” he admits.

Youths leader of the PSC will concentrate its parliamentary time on Employment and Social Affairs, replacing the historic Alejandro Cercas. Although he is cautious in responding, on his first day in Strasbourg has already distanced himself from the rest of the Spanish Socialist delegation. It will not vote for Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission. Although European social democracy to support it in exchange for some conditions and many of the MEPs also PSOE.


Very easy. During the election campaign I pledged to not support it. For me political commitments with citizens are non-negotiable. If we want to win credit policy must apply this principle.

His party defended as others that whoever won the elections should win the presidency of the Commission.

Juncker is that the candidate proposed by the Council [the institution that brings together the EU governments] it seems reasonable to me. The EPP has been the most voted party and the European Parliament has promoted the democratic revolutionary step of choosing directly to the President of the Commission. But there are 751 deputies in this chamber. I understand and respect is the candidate who can be elected, but will not be with my vote. I imagine several chamber groups find ways to facilitate their investiture to changing conditions, as is done in parliaments, but what I want for my municipality, for my country, for Spain and for Europe is a leftist coalition.

-Has Accepted Juncker social democracy without compensation? In some cases the defense is paradoxical that it is done now.

It is a problem of arithmetic. We had a candidate, Martin Schulz, and a clear majority wanted to drive out of the crisis. We do not got. The PSOE has its own debate and I hope that in the end share position. Moreover, I think it will end up coinciding.

They can -¿Llegarán pacts with?

As I feel more comfortable in the covenant is left. We have done in Catalonia and Barcelona. But we already arrived at agreements. They were elected vice presidents of Parliament, one of his political group (United Left). I will vote and the Socialist group as well.

-They Say they will think long before agreeing with what they call the grand coalition.

De facto, as they have done. His group has agreed the vice-presidencies of the European Parliament with the other groups and received 300 votes, when they only have 52.

‘You is chaste?

I am a boy of 28 who share a flat in the center of Barcelona, which first elected, I carry from 18 years playing politics. And by politics I mean also organize the biggest party in my neighborhood, ride concerts for young people, being a student representative, delegate of class, a member of the Faculty Board, college, eating my twenty-peak hours by coach to Berlin for a demonstration for youth employment, dozens and dozens of levels … that’s what I am. I do not invent anything to come here, I just want to defend what I have argued before taking the same kind of life.

-¿Pedro Sanchez and Eduardo Madina?

Primary in which we have to choose something that is very important step in participation involved.

-The PSC seems to have more sympathy for Madina.

In the PSC no reviews of all kinds, as everywhere, is having opinions of all kinds. The two are enjoying it very much.

Was it a mistake Carme Chacon support in congress that elected Rubalcaba? Why so cautious?

The PSC gave freedom to vote, but it is natural to bet on it, because knowledge was personal and work together.

What can be done from the Committee on Employment to contribute to the exit from the crisis in Spain?

Flexible and deregulate the labor market, gain competitiveness by lowering wages is only a disaster for Europe and the policies of recent years, too. This is not created to share the color of the tickets but to share dignity. We want public policies that guarantee dignity, and that can only be achieved through solidarity. The minimum wage is an example of what I want to fight in Europe.

-The European minimum wage is an idea that Juncker defends curiously.

Yes, but he had to withdraw in the field, because it seems that Angela Merkel did not like. As Eurobonds. But I am more interested things: labor rights, especially women or issues such as taxation. It is a shame that in Callao [Madrid] or Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) has shops, advertised in the press, and pay taxes in Ireland. It is incomprehensible, and more within the European Union. We want to recover the soul of Europe, which was not a map, not a treaty, or a common market. It was an idea. The Treaty of the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community, the embryo of the EU) was not finished when the leaders had to sign it and they signed a blank paper. The important thing was not articulated but the idea. That’s what we have to recover because we have been robbed.

-¿ “We have stolen the” or have sold, namely social democracy?

Not at all. When we are told “you were there the last five years,” you forget that we were in opposition, there has been an overwhelming majority of the right. And the right is exercised mostly raja table. That starts to reverse, but the mess at hand we are not responsible. Have we made mistakes in the past 10 years? Insurance. Do we continue to be the great alternative to fight against austerity and recover the idea of Europe? As well. In addition, we are we can engage people in a project that for decades have driven elites. That today is not enough.

If today I had 17 years, and then he would join the PSC or another party?

I feel very comfortable in the European social democratic tradition. We have made mistakes, it’s okay to say it. And some, serious, but who established the first public health was a Labour government after World War II. Who has driven public services, redistributive policies were the Social Democrats, who have contributed to building an area of freedom and justice. I feel comfortable, and many people also, though probably have to change things to reconnect with them. In any case, socialism is much more than an acronym. Milito on an idea.

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