Javi Lopez discussed in the press the political situation in Europe

The unity of Europe, the situation of refugees and mismanagement by the European institutions and the Brexit have been the most important issues analyzed Javi Lopez at the breakfast meeting he had with the press on Friday April 15 at the Europa Hall, home of the Community institutions in Barcelona.

Socialist Euro MP stressed that “the last year and a half has been infarction” in fact no “should speak of a European crisis but several.” One is the economy, which has lasted more than seven years, and that “more than a crisis, it seems the threshold of a stage change” the European model that we have known in recent decades and has highlighted inequalities among the countries that form the Union. Javi Lopez recalled that originally “the EU was a space to converge economically and socially”, regretting that this idea is dissolving today.

As regards the refugee crisis, he pointed out that the problem is not people arriving at our borders because “they are people fleeing war and violence”, but “the real problem is poor management has taken has done”. He also recalled that Europe was “the one who invented the idea of ​​refugee status after World War II.” However it has been shown hopeful and thinks that “the European Parliament and the Commission have been overwhelmed by the crisis, they have now been released proposals that can go in the right direction.” In addition, the MEP has wanted to make clear their opposition to the agreement with Turkey on refugees because “Europe can not outsource their responsibility,” noting that “are not respecting human rights and international law”, breach of the agreement itself.

The position taken by the Government of Spain regarding this matter has also been criticized by the MEP. Javi Lopez believes that “the fourth EU country can not negotiate that number of refugees sends Germany, but has to propose solutions” and show initiative.

Another topic of the moment treated by Javi Lopez in his meeting with journalists was the possible departure of UK group of 28. In his view, known as Brexit not only bring negative consequences both for the EU and for Britain, and also would “show the exit door of the EU”, something dangerous because “that door can be used by others later.”

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