Javi Lopez declared head of the PSC list for the European elections

Yesterday, Javi López handed in 1410 signatures of party members to the PSC Secretary General Salvador Illa and the Electoral Authority. 1410 members of the Socialist Party of Catalonia support his candidacy as head of list for the next European elections on May 26th.

The internal process opened by the party required a minimum support of 150 members, which were counted and validated yesterday by the internal Electoral Authority. Being the only candidate who presented and validated the signatures, he was proclaimed head of list for the 2019 European Parliament election. The next step will be for the National Council of the party to ratify it, as dictated by the party’s statutes.

Lopez added: “I would like to thank the party members that have joined me these days in this adventure to rebuild a united, social, feminist, open and sustainable Europe!”

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