Javi Lopez: “The Council must act to end the spiral of death and despair that exists in the Mediterranean”

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament has approved this morning a report Opinion on the social and labor integration of refugees.

MEP Javi Lopez (PSC) has been responsible by the European Socialists amendments coordinate and lead negotiations with the other political groups of the camera.

The outcome of the negotiations has allowed the final text adopted today in Brussels, which will be taken to the March plenary session in Strasbourg for approval, contains virtually all the priorities demanded by the Socialists.

Javi Lopez stressed that “the report of Parliament requires the European Council to act in line with the work of the Commission in the search for a just and agile solution consistent with the fundamental values ​​of the Union of solidarity, respect for human rights human and the rule of law and rejecting the obstructionist and selfish positions of some Member States in the search for this solution. “he added that” at stake is the continuity of the Schengen area as we have known and enjoyed so far, one of the fundamental pieces that make up the European Union “. He added that “the steps the Union must be clear: A legal gateway, with humanitarian corridor, European asylum system and a permanent mechanism for sharing”.

In the report the Commission is asked, in the context of the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 to be held this year, try to increase the resources of the European Social Fund “in order to meet the new demands arising from the crisis refugees without undermining the resources already put in place for other groups with special needs and vulnerable.

The report also makes special reference to the role of civil society and socio-economic actors in achieving a more rapid and satisfactory for all social and labor integration.

Finally MEP highlighted the text of the report “Special attention should be the authorities in protecting those most vulnerable refugees, such as pregnant women or unaccompanied minors and an investigation is asked about the case of 10,000 children missing routes arrival in Europe in the last two years, as a report warned of Europol few weeks ago. “

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