Javi López runs in the process to choose leader of the candidacy of the PSC to the european elections

Dear friends,

The Party of the Catalan Socialists has opened the process for electing the candidate for the next European elections on May 26th. I am writing you to apprise of my willingness to lead this candidacy and be re-elected Member of the European Parliament.

For the past 5 years I have had the privilege of representing, as a Catalan socialist, the citizenship in the European institutions. At a crucial moment for the future of the continent, and the values and principles it represents, I want to put my experience, energy and dedication at the service of what will be an existential debate for the European Union.

I want to contribute to the defence of the social soul of Europe, and to reclaim what have been the engines that have given meaning to the history of the continent: the values of tolerance and justice. I want to do this with the rest of the Socialists all over Spain and Europe, aiming to stop those forces that want to destroy the European project, turning it into a cold-hearted market, at the service of globalization, and dividing and fragmenting it through national egotism.

It is time for, together, raising our voice and defending the Europe we want. A Europe that is united in diversity, which celebrates its social and cultural richness and cherishes it in order to foster coexistence, respect and tolerance based on norms and the rule of law. A feminist Europe that guarantees the rights and full freedom of women, that does not make any step backwards in the fight against gender violence, and that works tirelessly to eliminate the gender pay gap.

I want to defend a social Europe that guarantees decent working conditions and wages for all, while protecting the instruments of the Welfare State and the quality public services. An open and humane Europe that is capable of responding with dignity to the challenge of refugees and that helps those who need it most. And an sustainable Europe that takes care of  the environment and natural resources as a guarantee of progress for the future generations.

This debate on the future of Europe will happen at the same time in which we will decide on the future of our towns and cities. These two debates will go hand in hand and will be a great opportunity to vindicate the role of local administrations in Europe, and to deepen the direct links they must develop with the European institutions.

In this mandate I have worked to put the fight against inequalities in the agenda of the European Parliament, fought to improve working conditions with the will of ending precariousness and regulating the new forms of work. I have also contributed to developing European tools and budgets against child poverty and called for a responsible and solidary management of the reception of refugees.

I have also worked for the strengthening of relations between the EU and Latin America, in defence of multilateralism, gender equality or the fight against climate change. And I followed closely the hopes and desolation that unravelled in the Mediterranean. All this is something I aspire to continue doing in the coming years and that I would like us to do together.

In order to defend this idea of Europe with you, I have started to collect the necessary signatures to run in the process oppened by the PSC. I want to invite you to my presentation in Barcelona:

Tuesday, January 29th at 7:00 p.m.

Montserrat Abelló Library

in c/ Comtes de Bell-Lloc 192 (Barcelona – M. Plaza del Centro)

with the participation of Jaume Collboni, Eva Granados and Ferran Pedret.

If you are a member of the PSC and you want to endorse me, you can contact the representatives of my candidacy on the ground sending an email to info@javilopez.eu

I hope we meet in the coming days and weeks to talk about the future of Europe, and together we will be able to rebuild the Europe we want. I encourage you to join me this adventure for the conquest of our future!

Javi López

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