Javi Lopez on an official visit of the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament to Delta del Ebro

The European Parliament has organized a commission that will visit for three days the Ebro to the announcement of the approval by the Central Government to recover the Hydrological Plan of the Ebro Basin in order to verify on the ground the situation watershed and assess compliance with EU rules on environment and water management.

The delegation, which consists of a total of 10 deputies of the European Parliament from different countries (Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden and Latvia) will visit the Delta del Ebro and meet with the petitioners of the Platform in Defense Ebro (PDE) for “in situ” their demands and opinions; with rice farmers, fishermen, ornithologists and environmentalists; They know first hand the pilot project to mitigate climate change to Delta area as well as the possible effects of natural species showing the Antitrasvase Coordinator.

The visit of the delegation will end with a meeting in Madrid where they will meet with the authorities of the Tajo Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro River Basin and the General Water Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Ambiento.

Finally they visited the Mirador del Mitjor in Sant Jaume d’Enveja and wood house where Amposta have made statements to the press. “The recently approved by the PP plans are jeopardizing the Ebro Delta and its survival and the survival has economic and territorial economic impact on people living closely linked to the life of the river.” In this line, Lopez and criticized the Plan was approved without any consensus “A plan approved without dialogue or with the Catalan authorities nor local. A plan that has not taken into account citizen participation or opinion of the Platform in Defence of the Ebro ”

“We have the deep conviction that the Basin Plan de Ebro could contradict the European legislation in reference to the directive of water quality and protection of natural habitats and birds” being the Delta a fundamental enclave in the migration of European birds , “but also of procedures.” The directives marked very clearly that participatory processes needed for the Hydrological Plan and procedures for dialogue with the different administrations to get ahead. “It has not been the case and for this reason we are in this situation.”

After meeting with the various sectors involved and “aware that support the different uses that can have the river water with the different sectors involved with environmental and ecological protection of the Delta must ensure its continuity and not contribute to increasing their risks” knowing also it is facing itself and often many dangers arising from possible pests and other issues of which the delegation of the Committee on Petitions has also discussed during the meetings held.

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