Javi López

Barcelona. Born 11th November 1985 (Madrid)

Javi López is Member of the European Parliament for the PSC-PSOE and a member of the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. He was elected in the 2014 European Elections and is full member of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, and substitute member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He is also Deputy Secretary General of the Spanish Socialist Delegation in the European Parliament.

From the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, López has worked in the fight against inequalities, poverty or unemployment and to improve working conditions and the Welfare State throughout Europe. He has been the rapporteur of the European Parliament report on “The fight against inequality as a lever for growth and the creation of employment” approved by the Plenary of the EP in 2017. This report recognizes the economic and institutional impact of growing inequalities, commits the EU to combating them and proposes a road map to coordinate and develop measures, norms and policies in this field.

He is currently the shadow rapporteur of the S&D group in the legislative report on the Directive of “Transparent and Predictable Labour Conditions in the EU”. This Directive is a tool to develop the European Pillar of Social Rights and aims to strengthen the rights of workers, combating the precariousness of the labour market and regulating atypical contracts that have insufficient protection, such as jobs in digital platforms.

He has also denounced the deficient application of the Youth Guarantee program in Spain, and more specifically in Catalonia, demanding the improvement of endowments and coverage at a European level. He was also the responsible of the S&D Group on the position of the Parliament in the “Recommendation for the integration of long-term unemployed”, which claims to reform the occupation services providing them with the necessary resources to deal with this problem in a personalized and integrated manner.

He is also working to promote a European Child Guarantee to combat child poverty, that guarantees free education, healthcare and access to good nutrition and decent housing services for all European children in vulnerable situations. On its own initiative, he has wanted to introduce the issue of over-indebtedness of individuals and families on the agenda, proposing a European regulatory framework that guarantees a minimum standard of protection. He also became involved in the failed renewal of the Maternity Directive, and does now in the current Labour Reconciliation package, which includes the introduction of a paternity leave and reinforces the parental leave.

In the Foreign Affairs Committee, he has focused its work on geographical areas such as Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East, closely following the humanitarian crisis of refugees, denouncing the lack of solidarity and the unfulfillment of asylum compromises by a great deal of the Member States. He has participated in several missions to follow up on the peace process in Colombia, the reconstruction of Iraq or the political situation in Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

He has been the rapporteur of the EP Report on “The Political Relations of the EU with Latin America” approved by the Plenary of the European Parliament in 2017. A Report that sets a framework of bi-regional relations and places them as a strategic priority of the EU foreign, at a time when a World defined by international relations based on multilateralism, cooperation and norms are at stake. The report includes the following as as common global objectives for both the EU and LATAM: inclusive growth and poverty reduction, the fight against climate change, the protection of multilateralism and gender equality, among others.

Since 2017, he chairs the EP Working Group for the Southern Neighbourhood, in which the Foreign Affairs Committee monitors and analyses the current situation with the participation of experts, diplomatic corps and other political actors, the latest events and trends of change in North Africa and the Middle East, keys in geostrategic terms for Spain and Europe.

He is member of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly, which brings together deputies from both regions who work together on reports and resolutions on political events. He co-chairs the Committee on Social Affairs, Children and Youth and has been the co-rapporteur of the report on “The fight against poverty and inequality through social cohesion policies in Latin America and Europe”. He is also member of the Parliamentary Delegation for Mercosur.

As member of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Delegation and the Turkish Forum of the European Parliament, he monitors the relations between the EU and Turkey, and has repeatedly denounced the country’s institutional and democratic degradation.

He has participated in the EU Electoral Observation Missions for the Tanzanian Presidential Election in 2015, and as head of the Delegation of the European Parliament in the local Elections in El Salvador in 2018.

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