Mission to Mexico and signing the agreement between European Social Democracy and Morena

The European MP and President of the European component of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly Javi López has been on an international mission to Mexico with a delegation of the Socialists and Democrats Group from the European Parliament. Headed by its President, the European MP Iratxe García, which the Dutch European MP Kati Piri, Vice President for foreign affairs at S&D, also participated in.

Three intensive days of work to strengthen ties and cooperation with the Mexican government, a progressive government with high international importance, and to boost bilateral relationships via the next Global EU-Mexico Agreement.

The agenda included meetings with several representatives from institutions and different areas of civil society. For example, with Julián Ventura, the assistant secretary for Foreign Relations / deputy foreign minister, who they had the opportunity to talk to about Mexico’s regional constructive role and its CELAC presidency. They also shared the defence of a common EU/Mexico agenda in multi-lateral spaces.

The delegation talked at length with Alejandro Encinas, Vice Minister for Human Rights, Citizens and Migration. In the words of the Euro MP it was “an honest and constructive conversation about a country that is committed to fighting the serious problems it faces regarding violence, femicides and the management of migratory flows.”

During the mission to Mexico they were also able to meet with Olga Sánchez Cordero Dávila, the Home Secretary, who is the first woman to hold this position in Mexico. As Javi López stated, “we talked to Sánchez Cordero about her strategy regarding safety, migration and domestic violence.”

The socialist group took advantage of the mission to strengthen the relationship with Morena by meeting with a large delegation of senators and MPs in the Mexican Senate. A long day of work to deal with bilateral relationships and the Global Agreement, managing migration and exchanging strategies against climate change.

As a result, in the Mexican Senate they have signed a memorandum for understanding and collaboration between the Socialists and Democrats Group of the European Parliament and Morena Senators. As Javi López highlighted, “by signing this agreement, the European Socialists and Democrats and Morena Senators create closer links and establish a strategic relationship with one of the most important G-20 progressive governments.

During the mission in Mexico there were also meetings with United Nations Agencies working in Mexico such as: ACNUR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNICEF Mexico or OIM Mexico. As the Euro MP states, “It was an excellent opportunity to understand their work on the front line regarding migration and the difficulties in managing the transit and arrival of migrants/refugees to the northern triangle.”

Visit to La Habana as part of the EU-Cuba Cooperation and Dialog Political Agreement

Cuba was the next stop for the mission. Two days of work in La Habana to underline the Socialists and Democrats from the European Parliament’s commitment to the 2017 EU-Cuba Cooperation and Dialogue Political Agreement.

This is an agreement which, it must be remembered, includes a political dialogue and a chapter on human rights. The European socialists are committed with their will to elaborating on this dialogue, and to do so it also requires the political willingness on Cuba’s part in order to move forward with the necessary political, economic and human rights reforms.

The delegation also showed its rejection towards the blockade and sanctions policy, as they do not contribute whatsoever to democratic advancements nor to solving the problems in Cuban society.

The opening changes must be made via dialogue, and with cooperation, not punishing the population. The Euro MPs conveyed the need to reform policies concerning human rights and the economy which the EU wants to be a part of.

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