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We are a team, the Europa Project is a collective project

Laura Ballarín

Barcelona, 1984

Graduated in Political Science at UPF, Master in Contemporary Latin America and its relations with the EU by the Ortega y Gasset Institute-UAH, Master in Management of Political Leadership by the UAB and Postgraduate Diploma in Electoral Observation and Electoral Assistance by the UPV-EHU .

She has been researcher and professor in the Public Administration team at UPF, trainee at the socialists parliamentary group in the Spanish Congress, and a political adviser in the Secretariat of Foreign Policy and Cooperation of PSOE. Since 2012, she is an advisor in the European Parliament, mainly following the work of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the EUROLAT delegation. She also coordinates the day to day relations between PSOE, PES and its parties and member organizations, being a member of the PES Working Group for the 2019 Common Candidate.

She is electoral observer in international missions (OSCE and OAS), Vice-President of the Catalan Council of the European Movement (CCME), promoter of the European platform “No nos resignamos”, Ambassador of the “Day of Europe” initiative, analyst in “Agenda Pública” and “esglobal”, ILVP and Aspen Institute Alumni.


laura ballarín

Arantxa Calvera

Lérida, 1984

Adviser to MEP Javi López in the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament, specialized in Latin America, the Middle East and the southern neighbourhood. Coordination of the agenda and communication of the MEP.
She has worked as a legal and political adviser in the Parliament of Catalonia, focusing on justice, internal affairs, institutional affairs, security and external action.
Feminist activist
Law degree from the University of Lleida (UDL)
Master’s degree in territorial and urban studies (UPC- UPF- EAPC)
Urban Technician
Master in Leadership for Political Management



Enric López Jurado

Barcelona, 1992

Advisor responsible for the Parliamentary Office of Javi López in Barcelona, which builds the relations with the civil society and the rest of political organizations. Specialized in international relations, security and defense, he has previously been an advisor in the Parliament of Catalonia in different areas such as economics, infrastructure or culture.

Graduated in Political Science and Administration in the specialty of International Relations by  Pompeu Fabra University.

Master in Security, Leadership and Society by King’s College London.

He completed his formation by interning at the Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco, at the European Parliament in Brussels, attending a course on economic development at the London School of Economics summer school, and participating in the III Course of National Defence for youth of the CESEDEN-Ministry of Defense of Spain.

He is also the secretary for international politics of the Joventut Socialista de Catalunya and member of the board of the Young European Socialists.



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