Fair ecological transition

The fight against climate change and the implementation of a socially just ecological transition is the great challenge of our generation, on which our survival depends, so we are working to achieve this.

Implement the European Green Deal and protect social rights in the ecological transition, as well as the richness of our biodiversity.

As a member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, I have focused my work on combating climate change and improving air quality. In this regard, I am firmly committed to an ambitious and socially just implementation of the European Green Deal.

I have been the coordinator of the Fit for 55 package for the Spanish socialist delegation, and Shadow Rapporteur for the S&D group of the Effort Sharing Regulation, an essential part of the European climate policy, regulating 60% of the total EU greenhouse gas emissions. In the field of the global fight against climate change, I have been the negotiator for the S&D Group of the European Parliament’s resolutions on the COP26 and COP27, in addition to being part of the EP’s official delegation to COP27 in Egypt.

My other major priority in the field of environment is the improvement of air quality in the EU. Air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to human health in Europe, causing around 300,000 premature deaths a year, and a significant number of diseases. For that reason, through my work as Rapporteur for the European Parliament of the revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives and its previous Implementation Report, I seek to strengthen this legislation to ensure better protection of the public health and our ecosystems.


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