catalonia and europe

Building bridges between Catalonia and Europe, promoting opportunities between the two through dialogue, and forging fruitful and lasting relationships between their top representatives.

Give voice to Catalonia in Europe and bring forward the concerns and needs of catalan society in the european institutions.

One of my main tasks as an MEP is to help strengthen relationships between Catalonia and the European Union and to transmit the concerns of local entities, associations and representatives to European institutions. I have promoted meetings and discussions between the head of the opposition and the First Secretary of the PSC, Salvador Illa, and several members of the EU’s College of Commissioners, to raise awareness of the Catalonian political situation in Europe, helping Catalonia to regain its influence and prestige in international relations.

I have also promoted mayors’ visits to European institutions, allowing these leaders to meet with the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Elisa Ferreira, to convey their need to play a leading role in the management of European funds to transform our cities.

For me, the job is not only about taking Catalonia to Europe. I have also promoted visits by European representatives to the territory, creating opportunities to raise awareness of the Catalonian political and economic situation through first-hand experiences. We have engaged social entities, as well as economic agents, to ascertain the impact that European policies have; such as, for example, the implementation of the European Green Pact, to understand how to help so that the ecological transition can be carried out in a way that respects local needs.


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