Javi López chairs the first meeting for the EuroLat Parliamentary Assembly in Panama

The 12th general plenary session of the EuroLat Assembly was held from 12th-13th December in Panama. The assembly brought together 150 representatives: 75 from European Parliament and 75 from Latin American and Caribbean parliaments. It was co-chaired by the President of the Latin American Parliament Jorge Pizarro and the Euro MP Javi López.

In its first session and after the European Parliament elections last May, the assembly dealt with issues such as: transparency in sales negotiations and agreements, judicial cooperation in the fight against terrorism and organised crime, the regulatory challenges posed by digitalisation and the recognition of university qualifications on both sides of the Atlantic.

In his opening speech, Javi López, President of the European component at the Assembly stated that, “In light of the power politics and social unease that we are experiencing in both the European Union and Latin America, we must defend institutionalism, social cohesion and multilateralism”.

The Euro MP highlighted the need to boost the shared agenda between both regions. It is an agenda that will allow for “fair and inclusive globalisation. A green agenda that will be able to represent a true geopolitical instrument, working on a supportive and sustainable asylum and migration policy, gender equality, safety and the fight against organised crime”.

There is the full declaration from the Co-Chairs at the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly at the following link.


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