Javi López chosen as Co-Chair at the EuroLat Assembly

The Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly comprises 75 members from the European Parliament and a further 75 from Latin American countries. It has two co-chairs, representatives from each side of the Atlantic. Javi López takes the place of another Spanish socialist, Ramón Jáuregui.

In his announcement speech, the Euro MP highlighted that “it is an honour to take on this responsibility at a time in which the relationships between both continents are especially important and highly present on the global public agenda”.

Javi López believes that Europe and Latin America “have always been friends, but now we need each other as allies to push for a global common and shared agenda, inclusive and fair globalisation, gender equality and against climate change. Latin America is one of the very few actors we are sharing these objectives with today”.

Likewise the Euro MP insists on the need to “keep working at the European Parliament to strengthen the relations between the EU and Latin America and to build a true alliance based on mutual trust, dialogue and friendship”.

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