Javi López meets with the Vice President of the EC, Frans Timmermans, for the European Green Deal

The socialist Euro MP discussed some of the concerns raised by the European Green Deal with Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the Commission.

The exchange of opinions took place at a meeting with other socialist Euro MPs from the Spanish delegation and members of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee.

Some of the concerns are:

• The call for the Commission to comply with increasing the goal to reduce EU emissions to 55%, as requested by the Parliament.
• To guarantee the sufficient deployment of public and private resources in order to ensure a fair transition.
• The planning and launch of border tax on carbon.



The European Green Deal is the key political programme from the new European Commission, which aspires to transform Europe into the first neutral continent in climate terms by 2050, whilst boosting the competitiveness of European industry and ensuring a fair transition for affected regions and workers. Other of its key elements are preserving Europe’s natural environment and biodiversity, a sustainable food strategy entitled “From the farm to the table” and a new plan of action for the circular economy.

The European Green Deal is underpinned by three pillars:

• A green pillar, in order to guarantee our climate goals.
• A red pillar, in order to ensure a strong social dimension.
• A financial pillar that will allocate sufficient economic resources so that the transition is fair.

For the Euro MP Javi López, the European Union must also promote a European Climate Law with the aim of achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as well as a reform of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy to adapt them and make them compatible with the new environmental and climate ambitions.

In March the European Climate Law will be unveiled. It will establish standards and tools in order to be able to reach the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. In this regard, Javi López stated, “At the European Parliament we will be fighting to reach the maximum degree of commitment possible, in order to ensure the success of the European Green Deal.

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