765,236 THANK YOU!

Catalan socialists have gained excellent results in the European elections in Catalonia and we have gained an absolute win in Spain. This 26th May we have consolidated ourselves as the only clear alternative to pro-independence everywhere.

As Catalan socialists we revalidate the good results from the general elections, but this doesn’t end here. We are sure that we will repeat this trend in the next election cycle in Catalonia.

I want to say thank you to all the Catalans that have voted for us. Thanks to you the PES is the force that has had the most growth in the European elections in Catalonia, doubling the number of votes to more than 760,000 and gaining a 22% share, which is an 8-point gain on 2014. The Catalan socialist votes have contributed to a resounding socialist victory in Spain for Josep Borell and the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party). We should be very proud!

Europe is important and that’s why for the first time in 20 years participation in the European elections has increased across the continent. There are more and more people becoming aware of the importance of European challenges, especially amongst the younger generations.

During this new mandate, the European socialists and democrats will continue as a second force in Parliament and construct an alternative to the People’s Party. This is an alternative that will defend a social, feminist, environmental and open Europe. Spanish social democracy is also the top force within European social democracy which is a landmark fact that we are celebrating.

We are aware that we need agreements to make this Europe that we are defending and that is why we will be working to reach the necessary consensuses. We are convinced that in the next five years the Catalan Socialist Party will have the most capability in terms of dialogue and influence in the European institutions.

Thank you very much to everyone, we’ve made it possible!

Javi López,
Euro MP PSC, 28th May 2019.

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