Javi Lopez claims that the hydrological plan for the Ebro Basin endangers the Delta

“The Hydrological Plan endangers the Delta del Ebro, its big and important ecosystem, and also means a socioeconomic attack on the territory” Javi Lopez denounced yesterday the full Parliament in Strasbourg.
Lopez criticizes the Plan has been approved without any consensus “A plan approved without dialogue or with the Catalan government and not local. A plan has not taken into account citizen participation or opinion of the Platform in Defence of the Ebro”

We also denounce the Basin Plan fails to comply with European directives regarding water quality, one of the key issues of the water framework directive and also as regards the protection of habitats and birds, being the Ebro Delta a fundamental enclave in the migration of European birds. So we have asked the European Commission this week. And we denounced because this plan has had the rejection of 4 of the 9 CCAA watering the Ebro river (Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarra and Valencian Country).

They are planned demonstrations on Sunday 7 February called by the Platform in defense of the Ebro and a delegation of 25 members of the Committee on Petitions made an official visit to Delta, in order to investigate the situation first my Delta. “We will continue to defend the Ebro wherever we takes” concluded Lopez.





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